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This VMC tube jig hook comes in weights of 1/16 ounce, 1/8 ounce, and 3/16 ounce. The brand has created a multi-sensory formula for walleye that plays on the fish’s hypersensitive lateral line, which can instantly detect the smallest vibrations in the water. This rig is a decent alternative to using a downrigger. These come in a natural color that looks very similar to real nightcrawlers. This is considered one of the best walleye lures out there because it is explicitly designed to perform erratically and jerkily in the water to attract strikes. However, it can also be very effective trolling. A: To lure the fish to your line, you should have one out of the three baits it cannot resist. Walleye live near the bottom so the line can get snagged sometimes and on that time it will hard to break free if the line is too strong. In the picture is large walleye my brother Mark caught while trilling in Lake Erie. Their eyes cannot see blue and yellow but can see red and green. For certain lakes finding structure is important, other-times walleye are found schooling at certain depths. Dec 11, 2020 - Trolling is a fun fishing activity. … Husky Jerk Walleye Trolling Lure. The unique lip design allows this lure to fall quickly, and the tungsten rattle makes it hit the water with a sound that fish find irresistible, and it also allows longer casts. The problem in the puncture hole can injure or kill the fish if it becomes infected. It is 2 3/4 inches in length and weighs 1/2 ounce. This lure is neutrally balanced in the water and can be paused during the retrieve. The Bandit deep diver is 4-3/4 inches in length. Powerbait Floating Mice Tails Walleye Bait. The depth of the lure is controlled mainly by how much line is let out and a small amount by the trolling speed. The bottom line is… Walleye Nation Shaky Shad, Rapala Jointed Deep Husky Jerk Minnow, Strike King Walleye Elite Jerkbait and Cabela`s Deep Hot Metal Walleye Runner are proven best fishing lures for walleye! These come in 3-3/4 inch and 4-1/4 inch sizes. A good scent is Liquid Mayhem Crawfish Scent. One thing that makes Walleye fishing fun is that are a good eating freshwater fish. Zoom Tube Jugs are a popular way to jig for walleye and smallmouth bass. Use deep diving baits to entice this fish to come up to the surface. Color options include silver shiner, fluorescent green crawdad, green flash, silver flash, gold flash, chrome, and blue flash. Size options are 1/4 ounce, 2/5 ounce, 2/3 ounce, and 3/4 ounce. Let’s take a look at some of the best ice fishing lures for walleye on the planet – so you’ll have a cooler full of walleye in no time! Even when casting the lure it can dive about 10 feet deep. It can be retrieved, cast, and jigged over structures easily, making it quite versatile and ideal for ice fishing. This crew is awesome, we had a great weekend trolling for walleye. The Berkley mono-rig is a worm harness with a single Colorado blade. MY CART. Trolling for walleye is done with conventional fishing reels that are also used as salmon trolling reels. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. Q: What is the best trolling lure for walleye? This would be approximately a 1-2 pound fish. For big walleye, a 17-20 pound leader is preferred. This is a go-to lure for many charter boat operations in the Great Lakes. A swim bladder deflating device or vent tool is used by some people to pop the swim bladder so the fish can swim back to depth. To make an informed decision, ask seasoned anglers which lures they like to use to catch this fish. The speed for drift fishing is mostly based on the wind. At age 5 walleye are about 20 inches long. This occurred on a trip to Georgian Bay with “Big” Jim McLaughlin and several other anglers. Yes, walleye will eat dead minnows although that is not a common walleye bait. It is also a good lure to catch walleye with. The worm may get bitten in half, pulled off the hook by smaller fish, or fall off when attempting to set the hook. Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver Perch Lure, 8. There are lots of good spoons out there that are primarily made for trolling for steelhead and salmon. Bay Rat Lures are designed for walleye anglers, by walleye anglers. The Hildebrandt Hammer Time worm harnesses come in blade sizes of 4, 5, and 6. Polish brass and nickel blades are used and assembled specifically for each harness to lure that wicked walleye catch. This Berkley Indiana worm harness is a basic rig with triple hooks. It comes in sizes of 1-1/4 inch 3/16 ounce, 1-1/2 inch 3/16 ounce, 2-inch 5/16 ounce, 2-3/4 inch 5/8 ounce, and 3-1/2 inch 7/8 ounce. The Rapala Husky Jerk has two #6 treble hooks and weighs a mere ten grams in weight. It is true that walleye are fished slowly but they are an aggressive fish with a mean strike. Both jigs and trolling techniques can be used in shallow and deep water. Jiggs is the most common lure and anglers use both head and body for the walleye. JIG IT. The lures length is 2 inches and it weighs 5/16 ounce. Color options are neon blue, neon green, nickel, and yellowtail. These are a good way to get spoons, stick baits, and worm harnesses to deeper depths! Color options include perch, bleeding blue shad, bleeding chartreuse shad, bleeding olive flash, bleeding original shad, blue copper flash, bluegill, crawdad, fire-tiger, and silver. What is the weight of an average size walleye. Ideally, you should be out fishing 30 minutes before and after sunset. Global Fishing Reports does not guarantee purchases made and these links should be viewed as recommendations only. Cast and reel in using short, sharp jerks of the rod to... CRANK IT. Fishing for walleye requires a LOT of patience. The Smithwick ADR5 Perfect 10 Rogue Jerk Bait is typically used in deep water. Walleye are typically thought of as fish that live in 20-80 feet of water. These reels are often used for salmon, steelhead, and walleye fishing. Scented tube jigs also make a great bait. Hi, I’m Jon and I created Cast & Spear because I believe everyone deserves to catch fish. The Shimmy Spoon was designed as an ice fishing lure that can be slow jigged or used on a dead stick rod. The leader can also be attached to a bottom bouncer for added weight. Rapala Jigging Rap. These baits can be alive or dead but motions does help attract walleye. When walleye are feeding on schools of small baitfish this is a great lure to use. Salmo performance fishing lures manufactured in Poland to the very highest standards, you only have to fish with a SALMO lure once to be convinced of how special they are. Flashing and fluttering, the Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon produces enticing ticking, thumping, and clicking sounds, while its special high-vis finish acts like a magnet for crappie, walleye, and perch. The 2-1/2 inch lure dives up to 11 feet deep and the 3-1/8 inch dive up to 18 feet deep. Lure vibrations, rattles, and scents also help attract fish to the bait. One line should always be set just a few feet off the bottom. The new walleye series costs less than other models of Yo-Zuri lures and perform just as great. Spinner blades are silver or gold … It is recommended to fish for walleye in less than 40 feet of water mainly because this is where most walleye live, including big walleye. 99. For murky water, a short 20-inch leader can be used. For worm harnesses troll speeds are typically between 1.5-2.0 miles per hour. Best for Ice Fishing: Lindy Slick Jig. This is a versatile and effective walleye fishing combination. Nebraska Custom Tackle offers custom designed and manufactured walleye fishing tackle and name brand crankbaits for trolling and casting. Their great taste, a fun fight on the end of your line, and an overall gorgeous look make the walleye one of the most sought-after trophy fish in America. Bandit Walleye Deep Divers are great for walleye, zander, and other predator fish that explore deeper waters. The lure dives a bit deeper with braided line and shallower with standard monofilament line. 2. The Bandit deep diver is 4-3/4 inches in length. Best Fishing Lures for Walleye Is fishing your hobby? Features of the lure include a deep diving lip, 3D eyes, VMC treble hooks, and a multi-ball high-pitch rattle. Berkley Indiana Walleye Rig Worm Harness, 16. Blade color options are perch, brass, citrus, fire-tiger, parrot, tropical sunrise, copper bluegill, copper sunfish, metallic cerise, and purple haze. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Color options include chrome black, chrome blue, pearl blue, and pear red-head. $11.99 $ 11. Dream Weaver spoons come in 8 different sizes. Skip to content Skip to navigation menu. Plus, it is suitable for a variety of retrieval styles. This is another popular lure for trolling at depths between 20 to 50 feet deep. A: The best trolling speed for this fish is 1.5 to 2.5 mph, but aggressive species can make you go over three mph. If you Rapala Shad Rap also delivers wobbling action, which the brand is famous for, making these lures so efficient in attracting walleye. DOWNRIGGER RELEASES; MONTANA TACKLE NEWS Fishing News From Montana Tackle Get the latest fishing news from Montana Tackle. Color options include gold, green silver, and chartreuse silver. The advantage of tube jigs is that scent can be added to fill the tube. 1305 Bridford Parkway Greensboro, NC CHANGE STORE. The best baits for trolling for walleye are deep diving plugs, stick baits, spoons, and worm harnesses. When I think of walleye fishing I immediately think about drifting or slow trolling with a worm harness. That being said it is fun to catch all types of fish on light tackle. These also have a built-in rattle. The CD6 is 3-1/8 inches in length. A good walleye trolling rod with a medium or medium/heavy power rating and a high quality trolling reel. Over time, some fishermen discovered the potential of this lure for deepwater gamefish during the coldwater period – especially for walleyes. While you're here, why not follow us on Facebook and YouTube? This leads to one of the most highly debated topics in the walleye world: Does lure color matter? Plus, the lure is semi-transparent, which only enhances the flash it generates. They can be caught using large plugs, stick baits, jigs, and worm harnesses. Many people wonder how effective color selection is when walleye fishing. These attract walleye like nothing else while you're moving. A not very well known alternative to adding weight to a worm harness is the Erie Dearie. Artificially scented baits like Berkley Gulp Crawler, Gulp Nightcrawlers, and Powerbait Floating Mice Tails can also be used on worm harnesses or a live bait rigs. Typically these are all trolled at speed less than 2.5 mph. Cotton Cordell Deep Diving Walleye Lure, 11. So a red and green lure or lure with flash and contrast can help attract walleye. These colors will help your lure stand out and make it easier for any nearby walleye to see. The eyelet is rotated at a 60-degree angle which is good for swim jigs. A 10-20 pound mainline is typically used with a 10-20 pound fluorocarbon leader. In the picture is a walleye that I caught in Lake Author in Pennsylvania during the night. Walleye trolling is much like other trolling for other freshwater species like salmon or lake trout except the gear may be slightly lighter and you may use a hybrid rig like a crawler harness. 4. Color. The Rapala Originals is excellent as a surface bait, but it can also be used as a shallow runner. This does not mean that only red and green lures work because walleye can still see reflections and shading variations from other colors. The colors are perch, chrome black, and chartreuse perch. Many walleye anglers consider this to be the way to catch walleyes. Like most fish, it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are healthy fats. Berkley mice tails are three inches in length. Those are the best times to catch one. The lures can be retrieved quickly, reeled over open water steadily, or bounced along the bottom to attract bites from slow fish. Color options are green mackerel, bleeding pearl chartreuse, and silver. Any fish over 30 inches or 10 pounds is considered a very large walleye. We're always looking to improve our articles to help you become an even better fisherman. Including what lure colors to use for walleye, how to select the right color and some helpful tips that will save you time, money and most importantly help you catch more fish. When drift fishing for walleye worm harness, live minnows, flutter jigs, and tube jigs are the way to go. Each boasts a solid brass body and blade that can withstand the head shakes and jerks this fish is notorious for making once it is hooked. During the 1980s and 1990s, small regional manufacturers sprung up offering slightly redesigned blade baits and today there may be more than a dozen different manufactures of … ... before following … These are good for shallow water. LAND IT. Rapala Jigging Rap is a jig that works well to catch many types of fish. Here are the Best Walleye Lures and Baits in 2020 1. So save the strong line for carp fishing. These baits do not have to be kept cold and stay good for long durations. This is one of my all-time favorite lures and I promise you won’t … For decades, a favorite with anglers, Panther Liner Inline Spinners, are some of the best lures for walleye you can get due to their time-tested construction. These lures feature an eight-jointed body that mimics the sinuous body of baitfish almost perfectly. Between both sizes you can cover pretty much any depth that walleye are commonly found at. It comes in size 10 which is a 4-inch lure that dives 7-16 feet and size 12 that is a 4-3/4 inches long and dives 8-19 feet deep. This lure can be cast or trolled. There are several advantages to this, with the primary one being that anglers can cover so much water in a much shorter time. Yes, another trolling lure. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something special about a thump on a jig, a slip bobber dropping, or a tap on a live bait rig; but when I see a rod whack backwards from a big hit, it sends an adrenalin rush like nothing else. The Coyote spoon comes in 3.5-inch and 4.0-inch sizes. Drifting or slow trolling with a worm harness is a great way to catch walleye. Welcome to walleyesupply.com! I will admit it, I flat out love trolling for walleyes. Lifelike Fishing Lures for Bass, Trout, Walleye, Predator Fish - Realistic Multi Jointed Fish Popper Swimbaits - Spinnerbaits Lure Fishing Tackle Kits - Freshwater and Saltwater Crankbaits - 3 Pack. Buy Walleye Fishing Lures at Sportsmans Warehouse online and in-store has everything for your outdoor sports adventure needs. Get FREE Standard Shipping on Orders Over $49. Features include a diving lip, two treble hooks, realistic color patterns, and each lure is hand-tuned and tank-tested. It has the weight and spinner all in one which is very convenient! 99 $7.99 $7.99. TROLL IT. The blade also shines in the water and vibrates as well, thus mimicking an injured fish. Lifelike Fishing Lures for Bass, Trout, Walleye, Predator Fish - Realistic Multi Jointed Fish Popper Swimbaits - Spinnerbaits Lure Fishing Tackle Kits - Freshwater and Saltwater Crankbaits - 3 Pack. These lures can be trolled on a dipsy diver, jet diver, or downrigger. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. It comes in a variety of popular color patterns such as Green, coconut candy, chartreuse green-black, green clown, and red. However, live nightcrawlers are not always available. It also has a custom scatter lip (thus the name), which maintains its skittering action on the water. Some downrigger users also attach a dodger or a fishing spoon between the release and the lure to further attract the walleye. These lures dive quickly with their round lip and slender build. Walleye can see better and night than any other freshwater fish which gives them an advantage over their prey. Many walleye anglers fish for them using artificial lures. All in all, it is a lure walleye can find hard to resist. These baits are most commonly used for trout but also work well for walleye. In the summer, they move a bit deeper and can become more active due to the warming water … Easy Prey Lures ice fishing lures and raw unpainted bulk ice fishing lures. In the picture is a walleye my Uncle Bob caught while fishing a lake in Illinois. It comes in a variety of... 2. It is important to have some motion to the bait. Walleye are attracted to the vibrations of the spinner on the harness and the scented bait helps encourage walleye to strike. Live baits work as well. The 15 Best Walleye Jigs and Lures (& How to Use Them) Drop the leeches and step away from the styrofoam tub for these walleye lures. Cody also has a background in aerospace engineering and neuroscience but really only takes pride in being good at one thing and that is fishing! 27 Best Walleye Fishing Lures and Baits, Plus Tips on How to Catch Walleye, Here are the Best Walleye Lures and Baits in 2020, 1. An Erie Dearie, which is essentially a weighted worm harness. This lure can be cast or trolled both slow and fast with good lure action and deep-diving performance. A deep diving Crankbait that drives 10-13 Ft. down is required to reach typical Walleye depths, a #8 in Firetiger is my favorite. It is always important to ensure that your level of comfortability is not compromised when casting and trolling the lures as you do not want to miss any walleye near you. Rapala Lures for Walleye. However, each Stingeye is made from a stainless steel shaft, which makes these walleye lures long-lasting. The first of three hooks is connected with a titanium line which protects the rig from being cut by walleyes teeth. Bringing the fish up really slowly might help give the fish time to absorb some of the gas but most fishermen are not that patient. The best walleye lures colors are green, red, silver, and black. Good colors for walleye include fluorescent-red natural, glow, chartreuse fluorescent-orange, and white bubblegum. ITEMS IN YOUR CART. Get it as soon as Sat, Dec 5. However, this rig will work for small to average size walleye. Color options are natural or chartreuse. The hooks lie close to the body due to the rotated hook hangers. The Reef Runner is another popular deep diving lure because it has a rated diving depth of 28 feet. The larges size is 14 which is 5-1/2 inches long and dives 10-20 feet deep. This article contains incorrect information, This article is missing information that I need. There are artificial scented baits and jigs that are just as good or better than dead minnows when walleye fishing. Features of the lure include diving lip, triple VMC black nickel treble hooks, and solid or translucent color patterns. 2nd day we hit our limit for 5 people, with some monsters coming in the boat at the end. Most walleye fishers recommend using pancake weights because they are skinnier and produce less drag. The scent from the bait, flash, and vibrations from the Colorado blade all help to attract walleye and get them to bite. Lowest price in 30 days. The blade is convex/concave in shape, and each spinner generates a bright flash that your catch will not miss. Versatility in fishing presentations is the main reason for it’s popularity. The heavier 7/8 ounce jig can be fished in water from 20-60 feet. When the fishing lure hits the water, the rattler moves forward, and it also produces a sound as it progresses. Survival. Top walleye fishing lures. Features of this lure are a durable clear coat, internal rattle, through wire constriction, extra deep diving lip, wide wiggling motion, and black nickel treble hooks. There are also 500 and 600 series Reef Runner lures that are smaller. Locating the fish, getting to the precise depth, and having good lure action are of paramount … Walleye … It mimics baitfish that are trying to flee predators in the water. It is designed with a precision-weight system that evens it out as it sinks and creates realistic darting action, which mimics a baitfish in distress. The predatory fish is notoriously elusive so that you may be out on the water for hours. If there is a strong wind worm harness works well. Spoons are known to be great walleye lures as are worm harnesses. Spinner blades are silver or gold plated, copper, or... Beads are hand turned on a lathe to resist chipping and... Run true every time whether cast or trolled, Features a unique counter-balance weighting system, Rogue model boasts an exclusive realistic scale pattern, Dives quickly to get down to the big ones, Produces an erratic darting action if twitched, Produces that deadly “Rogue Roll” when trolled. A walleye head weight 116 ounce to 1 ounce and they work like a wonder in deep water. The Cottom Cordell Wally Diver is a classic trolling lure for both walleye and smallmouth bass. Even when deep structures hold fish, anglers can catch walleye fishing 10 to 20 feet, give or take. Many bass anglers use this as a casting lure but it also works great when trolling in 15-40 feet of water. Lures for Walleye. There you have it folks, the best trolling lures for catching walleye in each season. The Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow is an extra-deep floating crankbait. This makes it so the bait gets further off the ground while still dragging weight on the bottom while drifting or trolling. Secondly, if a fish is brought up that is short or that is not going to be kept the fish will not get hurt or killed when the swim bladder expands due to the decrease in pressure. You can also test hooking some live bait to your spinners. Good color options include black chrome orange, green clown, perch, and mossy orange fire UV. Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased. Todays video is all about my favorite summer walleye fishing lures. Color options include silver, glow, perch, glow-tiger, bluegill, gold fluorescent red, and glow green tiger. Since this jig only weighs 1/8 ounce it is best used in water less than 15 feet deep. This is the NBK color pattern spoon which stands for Natural Born Killer. Since most walleye are caught on or near the bottom, the classic shoreline casting as one would do with bass is less effective. Bandit Deep Diver Walleye Trolling Lure. It is rigged on a 12-pound test line. Our walleye fishing tackle have been proven by many walleye fishermen across the US and Canada. Color options include chartreuse perch, chrome blue, chrome black, fire tiger, Fluorescent red, gold perch, perch, white red-head, and gold black. It has a slow fluttering action on the fall and can be used for walleye, perch, crappie, pike, trout and … There are other walleye scents out there that can be applied to lures and plastics but Gulp is the best! Mepps has specific kits with lures that are known to be productive for bass, northern pike, trout, salmon, and walleye. It comes in a package with two jig heads and 8 scented shad bodies. In other words, the fish will be able to smell, taste, see, and hear the fish attractant as soon as it drops in the water. While trolling watch the fish finder close and adjust the depth of the baits accordingly. The swim bladder expands significantly at depths greater than 40 feet. Depth: 27 f Are you one of those who targets walleye? The Cotton Cordell deep diving lure is 5 inches long and weight 5/8 ounce. This attracts walleye by vibrations caused by the jig fluttering as it moves through the water. Simply add a worm, leech, curly tail, swim jig, etc.

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